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Naomi here, sorry I’ve not managed to answer messages much recently, things are crazy and difficult at the moment, which means that I can’t always work out what to say, or things can be difficult to answer when I’m keeping myself afloat. Please bear with us! I always read the messages even if I don’t manage to answer, so please don’t think we are ignoring you.

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Hellooo everyone! Hope you are all well, it’s Emi here (the admin) - i just wanted to apologize for this blogs extreme lack of posts recently. I’m still in hospital and have no idea how much longer i will be stuck here for. You still have Naomi to answer messages, but there are over 200 in the inbox at the moment so please bare with her and me. Best wishes <3  

Hi guys,

Sorry I’ve not been able to keep up with the blog so much recently, these next few weeks are absolutely manic and stressful for me, it’s either the end of one journey or the start of another stressful few years!

I will try to answer messages as much as possible, but sometimes my head is so crammed full I struggle to answer!

I hope you’re all well and stay strong.

Naomi :) xx

Anonymous said: What's the difference between bpd and bpd traits?

Bpd traits or emerging bpd traits is what psychiatrists will diagnose you with if you are underage or up to around 21. It just depends on each doctor.

Bpd is just the full blown diagnosis.

Bpd traits isn’t any lesser, it says you’re showing all the signs, but they want to wait and see if you’re still showing the signs as your personality has fully emerged. The younger you are the easier it is to no longer meet the requirements, through therapy or just as years go by. So often doctors will use traits because it isn’t on the record permanently like bpd is which can make life easier when it comes to insurance, treatment, declaring for jobs because of all the stigma.

So it’s one of those - ‘we’re sure you have it, but we are just going to make sure and do what we can to help. Or you’re slightly too young so we will use this’

Getting the full diagnosis can be quite a long process too, so it gives people time to adjust and know what they’re being assessed for. You are able to access specific treatment with just traits or emerging which is good too.

EDIT: I’d forgotten to mention and as someone commented it can also be used along with another diagnosis such as major depressive disorder with bpd traits.

Hope this helps,
Naomi xx

Anonymous said: hey, I hope you're okay in hospital- I know it sucks but you'll be okay:) xx

thank you sweetie. It does suck. A lot. :p xx

Anonymous said: Omg is your body okay after jumping??? Did you break any bones?

i jumped about 40ft and miraculously sustained nothing much more than a smashed up nose and minor cuts and bruises. But i was airlifted to a specialised trauma resus as they feared i had a broken back/ribs/spine/ankle etc. xx

Anonymous said: why are you in hospital again? x

ive been here six weeks. Bleh i dunno really, asks the twats who sectioned me :/ mostly because i cant keep myself safe i guess. What with a big overdose, jumping off a bridge etc etc xx

Anonymous said: you didn't answer my ask :/

Which one?

If it was one specific to Emi, then I will have left it due to that, we have nearly 200 messages in our inbox, I try to get everything answered however it can be difficult, and my life is currently extremely busy and stressful to the point where I have been really ill all week and my anxiety is through the roof. So I try to get through as many as I can but I don’t always manage it, but if you let me know which one I will try and answer it :) xx

Anonymous said: I feel so lost. I hadn't felt like this in a long long time. It's like all the effort and progress has gone down the drain. I don't know who I am or who I was and I want to be that person again, but I can't... Is it normal for this happen even during therapy?

Of course. Therapy and recovery are one huge rollercoaster and journey.

All the people I know, and me included who are recovering feel this way at times. Whether wondering if therapy is doing anything or what’s the point or just feeling like their illness is taking over. You aren’t alone at all. I often find myself questioning things, because even though I’m in a good place life seems scary and unstable to me.

Remember recovery doesn’t mean things are fixed and constant, I have friends in and out of hospital even though they are sticking their feet in and trying to actively recover, but some hurdles are extremely difficult, some relapse, pull their socks up, accept the relapse and then carry on recovering. Therapy is one of the best places to be whilst dealing with everything and also struggling. Your progress hasn’t gone down the drain, it will always have been achieved and can be achieved again. It took a very long and horrible relapse for me to be able to carry on and recover, but I didn’t lose the progress I’d made before my relapse, even though I thought I had, it became a helping hand and a platform to carry on.

My favourite quote about all this is something along the lines of ‘recovery is a choice, you have to choose recovery numerous times every day’.

I’m not sure if there’s much I can say to make you feel better, but honestly whilst you’re going through the more difficult patches, things are changing slightly and before you know it you’re through it and learnt from it and gained a little bit of strength from it.

You’re definitely not alone in feeling like this though. Would you be able to bring up how you feel in therapy? Your therapist may have ways to help you or even find some answers to your questions.

Take care,
Naomi xx

Hi guys, its Emi here (blog creator)

Just wanted to say hey and apologise for extreme lack of submissions. I’m still on section in hospital- its been about 6 weeks now and i am unable to create and post submissions from my phone.
I do apologise and hope everyone is ok :)xx Emi