Hi guys,

Sorry that I’ve been absent recently, my PTSD is playing up recently and it makes it difficult to answer all your questions.

I hope everyone is well, stay strong,

Naomi xx

Just a quick one, if anyone is affected by the robin Williams death, please talk.
With the media coverage things can be triggering. We’re here if you need anything.

Stay safe xxx

sarahrosewriting said: I'm sorry things are down for you, Naomi, I hope things look up soon, look after yourself xxx

Thank you, messages like this mean a lot!
Take care,
Naomi xxx

Hi guys

I’ve done a few asks whilst being away, but some things have happened and I’m struggling with things at the moment. Some asks are slightly triggering for me and therefore I’m not sure how to respond currently.

I’m going to try and have a break from things for the last few days of my holiday, but if I manage to it I will answer some more.

Please keep sending things in though, and I’ll get back to you asap. Sorry if it causes any inconvenience to anyone!

Take care,
Naomi xx

Anonymous said: hi, i think i might have bdp. i have had most of the symptoms for over 3 years and when i found out about it i felt it explained so much. what do you think I should do? im under 18 so yea.

See a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist.

Only they can diagnose you. It’s rare cases where under 18s are diagnosed because of personality still developing. The younger you are the more likely you are to fit the criteria, because unstable moods etc is a big part of teenage life - without invalidating what you’re feeling - it’s something that can change as you get older.

If you’re struggling though, find a therapist or go to the doctor to get help, because even if it isn’t bpd, you’re still struggling.

Hope this helps,
Naomi xx

Anonymous said: This is going to sound really unimportant and whiny, but whenever I try to explain to my mum about how I feel, she always says things like "no you're not" and I'm finding it really hurtful. But, whenever I mention it too her, she always says I'm being too sensitive and I'm always complaining, and I'm just not sure what to do:/

It doesn’t. I’m kind of in the same boat, where my mum thinks recovery means I’m perfectly fine and don’t have bad days, and she won’t hear otherwise.

I know for me that’s a tiny reason why I have this disorder (not that she’d ever admit it), because she is pretty invalidating but I never realised.

I’m not sure if I have any advice because of this, the only thing I can suggest is maybe write her a letter/sit her down and say that her responses aren’t helpful, and you just need to be comforted (or whatever) instead.

Do any of our followers have any help?

Take care
Naomi xx

Anonymous said: i have homicidal thoughts do i deserve to live I dont think i do i am a monster and monsters die

Yes you do. However you need to get yourself to a hospital as soon as possible and you need to get treatment.

Please get some help and tell somebody.

Naomi xx

Anonymous said: Is it normal for someone with BPD to disassociate/depersonalise/derealise in the midst of a stressful event? I was recently sitting an exam that was going terribly and I genuinely can't remember if I completed or even started the last question. It's unnerving, so I was just wondering if perhaps the stress of the moment triggered a borderline response.

Definitely. It’s usually why it happens, our body/head takes over when something painful/stressful/we can’t cope with happens. Or at least that is what I was told. Exams were always a trigger for me.

If you have a look at the ask for grounding techniques (also the replies on the notes) and there’s a submission of some ideas, it’s not too far down, I will try and find the link. Those are perfect for dissociation etc. I would tell your school/college exactly what can happen/you’re suffering from and there are special measures they can put in such as secluded rooms so that you can get over any issues easily and have your own space.

Hope this helps!
Naomi xx


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Anonymous said: Not sad crying... i don't know I think it's a beautiful thing... now you have hope I don't know, it's so sweet

Aww thank you!

Honestly, she has helped me so much! Xx